Photography is an art, Photography is a passion! And when a photographer finds beauty everywhere and captures every moment with full enthusiasm, he is called a SHUTTERBUG.

Popularity of photography is increasing day by day. From street photography to marriage photography, everywhere the passion has dramatically changed.
The DSLR is playing a vital role in every genre of photography. So if you are an enthusiastic photographer we are here to help you from every aspect of photography.

We will discuss from basic photography to advance photography. Your photography knowledge will be sharper.
It doesn’t matter whether you have a DSLR or a Point and Shoot camera. We can provide you the basic knowledge of photography.
Our free upcoming Photo walks will help you to understand the Lights Camera and Action (Photography).

From landscape to macro photography every genre will be discussed and tuned to your highest capability.
We will share the best photography location in different places and best time for different photography.

Best Photography Locations in Kolkata

Photography Locations Outskirts of Kolkata